Social Media Cleanse Week 4: Be Intentional

Good Morning!

Spring is officially here and so is week 4 of our social media cleanse.

Seriously, CONGRATS.

It has been a month since we began this cleanse! At this point, if you are feeling a little run down, discouraged, and getting a little annoyed that you committed to this craziness.. it is okay.  Let’s press the refresh button and renew your spirits by diving right into the challenge this week: Continue reading “Social Media Cleanse Week 4: Be Intentional”


Save All the Plants: Benefits of House Plants

We have a bit of a problem in our house.

We are those people who cannot go shopping without “saving” a new house plant. I use the term saved loosely, as these plants didn’t really need to be rescued from anything.

We just wanted an excuse to buy them.

It is our guilty pleasure, and honestly this blog is just my attempt to justify it.  Sometimes I really worry that my house is turning into a scene from Jumanji.

So here we go, my scientific proof that it is okay for us to keep buying house plants

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Social Media Cleanse Week 3: Why so Lonely?

I’m jumping the gun and posting Week 3 a night early!

It is amazing how productive I am when the baby is actually asleep.

Now that you have trimmed down your friend list and defined what you want to share with others, I hope you feel a sense of accomplishment, and comfort with your new found privacy. Now onward to the next challenge!

This week’s challenge is tackling the topic of:

Virtual Connection vs. Actual Human Connection.

Did you know that the more people who use social media, the more isolated they report feeling? Continue reading “Social Media Cleanse Week 3: Why so Lonely?”

Social Media Cleanse Week 2: Protect What is Sacred

Featured Artwork: Julie Mehretu Art “Empirical Construction Istanbul” 

Week Two Welcome!

This week your challenge is going to be two sided. The first half of your challenge is to redefine what you are willing to share on social media. The second half of your challenge is to decide who you want to see it. Sounds simple enough right?

Let’s dive in….

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Social Media Cleanse 2017

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make and end is to make a beginning.”  -T.S. Eliot

For many of us social media has become a hostile and negative place. And for most of us… “hostile and negative” is an understatement!  Yet, we spend so much of our day occupied with our phones and apps, it is no wonder we are all feeling exhausted and burnt out. The APA just released a study showing how the increased use of social media is impacting our mental health.

Guess What?

It’s not good.

Join me in our Social Media Cleanse for 2017. This cleanse will be a series to help regain control of your online habits and recreate your daily experience to one of positivity and joy. The purpose isn’t to get you to stop using social media, it is to recreate the environment and redefine its purpose in your life.

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Celebrating a Milestone

“Remember to celebrate the milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”  -Nelson Mandela

Hello to the big ole world out there!

Welcome to the launch of the website and blog of Ashley Rodrigues Wellness!

That is right folks… I am journeying into the big scary world of private practice.

Providing well rounded wellness and care for others has been a dream of mine and I am honored that you will be by my side for this journey. The goal of my website and blog is to provide inspirational  posts on topics that range from mental health, to art, to relationships.

Anything that will feed your mind, body, and soul with encouragement and inspiration.

I hope these account bring some joy to your social media and inbox.

In the Kansas City Area, I will soon be launching private yoga instruction, community yoga classes, private counseling sessions, as well as a new model of wellness: Counseling combined with Yoga instruction.  Feel free to email me at for more info

Join me in celebrating this milestone and supporting this tiny little operation by sharing with friends, family, or anyone you would like to share a little joy with.

With Love,







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